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Have you ever thought about what is in the cleaning products you use in your home everyday?
Do you know that many cleaning products contain chemicals which could harm you and the people closest to you?
Babies, young children and people with existing health issues are at greatest risk of developing problems such as... 
  • breathing and respiratory difficulties 
  • skin allergies 
  • irritated and sore eyes
Chemicals in cleaning products can also be toxic for the natural environment, destroying plant life. For example, surfactants are chemicals which are used in many cleaning products which can destroy the aquatic enviroment. 
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At Green Revolution Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on providing a professional cleaning service whilst using our own eco- friendly products which are made with all natural ingredients: lemon, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, natural essential oils. 
Green Revolution's eco- friendly products are the best way forward, for the health and safety of our families and for the world we live in. 
We can also provide the cleaning service whilst using your eco- friendly products.
Try Eco Cleaning today and see that your home can be brilliantly clean and chemical free!
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