Disinfection Service

The coronavirus pandemic is a challenge to all of humanity and part of the fight against it is the need to raise hygiene standards personally and in our work environment.

Our sanitation and disinfection services are done with certified sanitiser.

This means that they have been lab-tested against a variety of viruses and proven to be effective.

The product we use are non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, food safe and they can be safely applied to all sorts of surfaces, effectively reducing the risk of infection.

Our services can be delivered in different methods such as:

  • Wipe downs – Our cleaners will wipe down with disinfectant solutions all surfaces.

  • Fogging – Using the fogging method our specialist cleaners will cover all surfaces within the space/confined area including crockery, items in the kitchens, desk spaces and items on desks in offices and every nook and corner of a room/communal area.

  • Spraying – This method involves applying a fine mist of disinfectant on all the surfaces.
    All our methods will leave your surfaces disinfected. 

Get in touch today for quotes and availability. 

Our cleaning teams are fully trained in delivering specialist cleaning services to aid businesses in infection control and decontamination of their surrounding environment.

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